Ruminare Blog

Ruminare blog

Two quick and simple tech tips for April (Gmail & instant mobile photo uploads & new MS Office apps) - April is a little more than half way done. I’m way overdue for a post, and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t feel very, very disconnected from life on the internet. Well, I guess that’s partly not true at all. I’d say it’s more like a disconnect from the more meaningful forms […]
Cheap crap, Pope Francis, & the Communist boogieman. - “To paint the pope as some superman, a star, is offensive,” stated Pope Francis today, as he sat in his hotel bed this morning in front of a throng of flash-snap happy reporters. Barefoot and wearing a rainbow lei, the bushy-bearded pontiff and his words of peace, love, and wealth redistribution, sprung forth memories of […]
Thanks for the laughs and memories, Harold Ramis. - I may have been 8 or 9 when I learned of the Ghostbusters. Oddly enough it wasn’t because of the movie, it was the cartoon that ran from 86’-91’ that turned me into a fan of the franchise. I remember its subtle anime look–which was not by coincidence, Japanese studios like Toei animation, TMS Entertainment, & KK C&D […]
Single mother, P.I., Bruja. Get to know Mercedes Cruz. Mercy’s Magic is on sale this week for $.99. - Budding private investigator and single mother, Mercedes Cruz has a secret. She comes from a long line of Brujas or Mexican Witches; enchantresses from South of the Border with their own set of rules, powers, and magic that Mercedes (Mercy) must fully embrace…in a hurry.  See, a family friend has disappeared, and she suspects he […]
P.J., Can you help me with my phone? - One of the reasons I created this blog was to inject the world with the madness, and the various time-wasting interests and hobbies dying to get out of my head, and to also alleviate the constant conversational misdirection my poor wife and our domestic dialogue suffer from. Wife: “Honey, did you feed the cat?”  Me: […]
Utilizing the “Red Light Method” – A concise checklist aiming to help authors get published [Sponsored guest post by Grammarly’s, Nikolas Baron] - Even though I mustered enough courage on my own–through good old fashioned chutzpah and blatant ignorance–to expose my work to the publishing world, I still felt that underlying unease and insecurity about my ability to properly write a story. Since I hadn’t developed an actual readership, beta readers, or joined a writer’s group that had my […]
A comprehensive report on author earnings (Indie/Big Pub/Small pub) –Hugh Howey - Wool author, Hugh Howey just posted an in depth earnings report for authors. He and his “data guru” have amassed and analyzed tons of data based on the top 7,000 ranked books on Amazon. His conclusion: Indie authors, as a whole, average higher earnings than those published under the ‘big five’ (Harper, Penguin, etc…) even […]
The Power to Code: How ‘Hello world’ could be the new ‘Buenos dias’. - The Kentucky State Senate passed a bill in late January allowing its high school students the option to choose a programming language in order to fulfill their foreign language requirement. Come to think of it, this particular piece of legislation is a rather forward-thinking measure for the state of Kentucky (Don’t worry Kentuckians I’m not implying […]
Here goes it… - It’s about time I go ahead and put time toward my blog.  Hopefully, I’m able to post 3-4 posts a week, all ranging in topics from politics to technology, to relationship advice, to recipes, and finally anything relating to my work, which may or may not be interesting to you the reader. Also, every now […]
Neil Gaiman is stepping into the video game business… - No, Neil Gaiman isn’t creating some star tup that looks  to compete against the likes of Electronic Arts, Activision, or dead studio walking, Zynga. He’s teamed up with two small independent video game companies named, The Odd Gentleman and Moonshark, who interestingly enough, are owned by CAA (Creative Arts Agency-a world renowned talent agency)  Their aiming to […]

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