Single mother, P.I., Bruja. Get to know Mercedes Cruz. Mercy’s Magic is on sale this week for $.99.

ImageBudding private investigator and single mother, Mercedes Cruz has a secret. She comes from a long line of Brujas or Mexican Witches; enchantresses from South of the Border with their own set of rules, powers, and magic that Mercedes (Mercy) must fully embrace…in a hurry. 

See, a family friend has disappeared, and she suspects he may have fallen victim to a bizarre human smuggling ring possibly led by a sinister and more powerful being than her. 

From her nascent powers, to weaving the maze of the clash of cultures, to deciphering the mysteries contained in her heart, Mercy must face all these obstacles and more if she is to rescue her friend from the grips of evil. 

The first installment to the Witch Mysteries (Mercy’s Magic) is now on sale on Amazon Kindle for $0.99


  1. May I subscribe to the articles you write??

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