P.J., Can you help me with my phone?

CgAAF1L9IWSEMovlAAAAAP95O_I510One of the reasons I created this blog was to inject the world with the madness, and the various time-wasting interests and hobbies dying to get out of my head, and to also alleviate the constant conversational misdirection my poor wife and our domestic dialogue suffer from.

Wife: “Honey, did you feed the cat?” 

Me: “I just downloaded this app that could measure enzymes floating in the air that will alert me through my Google calender that our cat may have feline leukemia…it also could measure the probability that either one of us could be exposed to an outbreak of toxoplasmosis.” 

Wife: “Did you feed the cat?” 

Me: “Wanna see my new custom ROM?” 

Wife walks out to the patio.

Wife: Cat’s dead, honey. 

Me: Google…where is the nearest pet cemetery.

Okay…okay, such a tragic scenario is pure fiction, but at times the neglected cat litter box does cast out the noxious smell of pure death because I can’t unglue my eyeballs away from my precious baconreader.

I’ve decided to no longer shower my unsuspecting wife with phone talk at home and during the most inappropriate times. Instead, the phone talks will stay here. No, I’m not going to annoy you with inane posts that’ll shower you with the greatness that is my Temple Run 2 score, or pleasure your senses with a Youtube video of my stoic and dedicated visage as I attempt to conquer the elusive flappy bird while Drowning Pool’s, “Let the bodies hit the floor” loops endlessly…frantically…muderously through your earbuds.

My Android-related posts are meant to entertain, assist, and to inform.

Twice a month, or more–depending on energy, time, and the timing of  the inevitable zombie invasion–I plan on featuring an app, a launcher, or even a Youtube video featuring my best experiences with my Android device. I’ll attempt to throw in some of the more advanced stuff here or there, but again, these posts are aimed at basic users with no time to browse XDA or any of the other sites aimed at advanced users.  I’ll also be open to suggestions, and you’re more than welcomed to email me if you have a question in regards to one of my posts at pjday@pjdaybooks.com, subject line: the post’s title.

Why Android and not iPhone? I converted from iOS to Android in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. Apple makes a nice product, but for a guy who loves to tinker with technology, customize, and get the most out of my devices, there’s no better mobile OS, in my opinion, than Android.

So subscribe if you think you’ll get a little something out of my posts, or tell a friend who loves his/her Android device, and wants to squeeze more juice out of it.

If you wish to Androidify yourself like I did above, hit ‘install’  and your device will take you to the Play store. Feel free to share your likeness on my Facebook page. Who knows? If there are a number of posts, and if I’m feeling quite frisky, maybe I’ll give out some goodies.


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